What we hope to achieve

We are striving to foster a culture of safety and wellness and a diverse and inclusive work environment where all can thrive, as part of our continual efforts to make Goodyear the tire brand of choice.

Our Goals

Sustainable Sourcing


Continue to explore the use of bio-alternatives, like soybean oil, in place of non-sustainable petroleum oil in tread compounds.



Complete ESG assessments for new raw material suppliers prior to onboarding by the end of 2019. 



Continue experimenting with the use of silica made from residual rice husk ash, a byproduct of rice processing, over use of the traditionally used and more environmentally harmful sand-based silica, with the goal of doubling the use of sustainable silica within the next two years. 



Complete a plan to address areas of interest or concern from our ESG survey with suppliers by end of 2019.



Achieve 100% response rate of raw material suppliers to Goodyear’s request for environmental, social and governance (ESG) information through the Goodyear survey (or similar vendor survey), by July 2019.  



Achieve 50% raw material spend traceability by 2025. 



Complete three additional projects planned for Asia Pacific region in 2019-2020 with a total direct investment plan of $2.5 million, with the goal of increasing renewables to 1.6% of total consumption in the region. 



Increase soy oil consumption by 25% by 2020 and fully replace petroleum-derived oils by 2040.  


Responsible Operations


Reduce greenhouse gases (GHG). We have already achieved a 20% greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction since our 2010 baseline and will continue to work toward our goal of a 25% total reduction from 2010 to 2023.



Our goal is to be known as having the safest operations in the world. We have also established the goal of eliminating all serious injuries and fatalities in our workplace while achieving a total incident rate (TIR) of less than 1.0 by 2023.



Reduce our energy consumption and have set a global goal to reduce it by 25% compared to our 2010 baseline by 2023.


Advanced Mobility


 For greater fuel efficiency, reduce rolling resistance by 40% 

between 2005-2025.



Reduce tire weight by 9% between 2005-2025.


Inspiring Culture


Our goal is to engage more associates through our Global Week of Volunteering. In the future, we also want to focus on gathering the impact of our community engagement efforts.




To have tobacco-free campuses for 100% of our Goodyear facilities by 2025.